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You shouldn't always pay to be secure take a quick look at our security checklist that would help you to be more secure without the need of a third-party hand.

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We are a leading company in the Information Security field providing many high profile businesses and leading startups with professional security services

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We are a leading company in the Information Security field providing many high profile businesses and leading startups with professional security services helping them securing their web services and network infrastructure, our team consists of a number of the most talented and experienced white hat hackers, information security analysts, and web application penetration testers.

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web application testing

Most cybersecurity breaches come from exploiting a security weakness on web applications. We're here at SeeCureApp ready to penetrate your web apps before hackers do!

Mobile Application Testing

Over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year, Mobile apps development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sectors and because of that most hackers target mobile apps to steal confidential data. We're here at SeeCureApp will help you approach your mobile applications with the same way hackers would do

Network Penetration Testing

SeeCureApp offers complete penetration testing services for your internal network infrastructure that designed to identify the security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that affect your internal network, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap. Our team, equipped with the latest tools and industry-specific test scenarios, is ready to make a comprehensive penetration testing against your internal network.

Information security awareness

Training your employee's organization to understand and avoid common security threats can greatly reduce your organization’s risk. Our team of security experts with this course of assessment can help you protect your organization—with everything from social engineering to password protection, email security, and more.

Social engineering

How storng your company's non-technical departments against social engineering attacks? We're at SeeCureApp ready to answer this question with our social engineering assessment.

Security Consultancy

The Security Consultancy is a service that is basically combining a number of smaller services that our clients’ needs for them are not constant throughout the year and don’t necessarily happen on a regular basis, although they’re critical services for the security of our clients’ businesses. As examples for the situations where the service comes in handy.

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The quality of vulnerabilities we find in our penetration testing is more important for us than the quantity of bugs founded. We're working harder to provide our customers with the vulnerabilities they are interested to hear about!


Unlike other security vendors. We don't give you fixed quotations of our assessments. The cost of our service is determined based on the size of your business, where prices vary from a big company to a small business to a startup, so we are trying to keep our services accessible to everyone


The contributions of our researchers in the Information security field especially the area of Bug Bounty pushed them to get three ranks on TOP 100 Security researcher on HackerOne platform.

SeeCureApp services for startups

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Security services are too expensive nowadays for early-stage startups? No worries! we're offering custom programs for startups.

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Early stage

Up to $1M in funding and less than 2 years old

Small team

10 employees or less

New customer

Currently not SeeCureApp customer

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our hall of fame

Our team members have been rewarded and acknowledged by the following companies after reporting security vulnerabilities in their products.


Industries we work with




Food Delivery


Ride Sharing

Big Data

Virtual Collaboration



Artificial Intelligence


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SeeCureApp By The Numbers


companies helped

We helped over 650 companies around the world to fix security vulnerabilities including top fortune companies, startups, non-profit organizations, through our contribution in the bug bounty programs and responsible disclosure policy.

+1 M Dollars

one million dollars

by reporting our team members of over 3,000 security vulnerabilities within 5 years in participation on bug bounty program. we've been rewarded with over 1 million dollars in bug bounties.

> 179

Highest number

it was the highest number of security vulnerabilities that we have ever found in single penetration testing engagement.


false positive

Our reports contains a zero percentage of false positive bugs.


two hours only

two hours from the beginning of the engagement to find our first critical vulnerability.

< 100 m

users we secure

We're securing over 100 million internet users by providing security services to our customers.

SeeCureApp provides its services to customers from 27 different countries!

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